Sunday, July 27, 2014

Strawberries Are The Perfect Little Fruit

Strawberries can be grown in many different ways. In the ground, in pots, rain gutters, on a fence and up a wall. One of my favorite desserts is strawberry short cake which is very easy to make. Strawberry picking with your children can be an adventure. They can be found in local farmers market by the quart.  Ready to eat, make pies or freeze for latter use. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is Big and Red and Loves the Summer Sun? A Tomato Of Course

Tomatoes are they a veggie or a fruit? Either way they are as versatile as a food can be. They come in many shapes and colors. Red, green, purple, orange and  yellow. You can eat them fried, sauteed, stewed, grilled or as plain as day. Maybe a little sea salt will do. Oh, their names: beefsteak, cherry, plum, roma,  and many heirloom varieties. Pear, round, oval, oblong, small, medium and large are the sizes of these wonders.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Dream Herb Farm.

I have been growing herbs for 25 years. They are usually pretty easy to grow and the deer are not fond of them. My favorite is basil. Any kind of basil is good. I have a pot of it by the front door when I pass I pluck a few leaves just to carry around it enjoy the aroma. I also do this with lavender. Here are a few photos that I hope you will enjoy. Happy Gardening.

 Drying herbs is a way to preserve them.

There are so many varieties of basil to choose from. Lemon, Thai, Italian, be sure to pick off the white flowering part on the top to have continued growth.  

You can grow them in containers as shown. On a fence or in hanging shoe caddies. Use old silverware with wine corks to name them. Pretty clever. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Roosters Do Rule The Farm....And They Wake Up Way To Early.

When you hear that first cock a doodle do and you jump out of bed.  That starts your day off. So who needs an alarm clock?

 Chickens and roosters on a farm are some of the coolest animals there are. Roosters can strut there stuff and the hens will follow them.  They are colorful and smart.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's Learn How To Make Apple Pies.

There is nothing like homemade apple pie. Picking the apples in a beautiful apple orchard with your grandchildren. Letting them make their own choices of apples gives them a  feeling that they are helping with the baking too. 

Helping grandma is always fun. But please don't forget the vanilla ice cream. 

Cows, Horses, Bunnies and Goats. Oh My.

Cows, horses, bunnies, goats oh my. This is what farm life is about. Lot's of sweet animals.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Farm Life For Me. What It Should Be Like.

Life on a farm can be hard yet so rewarding. Growing your own food and raising animals takes a lot of patience. Canning and smoking meats to get you through the rough times is challenging. Oh but the prize is in the peaceful times of making a apple pie getting your fresh eggs from the barn. Watching your horses and cows graze in the fields. Sitting down with a cup of tea with your neighbors on the front stoop. Watching the sun go down in the west.