Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year From My Farm To Yours. 2016

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to y'all. It has been a really busy time of year for us. My son and his wife visited us from CT, with  them they bought our adorable granddaughter. She is 9 months old, full of joy and love. Our other son and his wife,  who live nearby showed us how to make tamales for Christmas dinner. But we also had a ham with all the fixins.  Gingerbread cookies, pumpkins pie and banana bread.  It has been a warm winter so far, just a few flurries here and there.  I am sure Mother Nature will not disappoint us. So enjoy your holidays and be safe. 2015 is going going gone. Be happy with the joys that you have and this year let's be kinder to one and all.

Please don't judge me...the kids love it. Happy New Year. 

From our pig pen to yours Happy New Year. 

This year plant the seeds of love and kindness. 
Moo to ya'll 

Bonfires are the best with marshmallows. 

Sometimes being alone is a good thing. 

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