Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas The "Prim" Way

You may ask what "prim" means. Actually it is short for primitive. Some people love the glitz of fancy ornaments.  Silver or pink trees.  Me, I like mine the "old fashion" way. Lots of red gingham, plaids, cloth ornaments, greens from outside, homemade gingerbread ornaments, stringing popcorn for garland on the tree. I love the smells of cinnamon and apple slices cooking on the stove. Fresh baked muffins in the oven. Oranges that the kids and I have stuck with pointed clove bits. Putting together the nativity set making sure Baby Jesus is all nestled in his swaddling blanket. I think it is a state of mind.... The holidays can be so stressful. We need to put away the video games and expensive "things" that we really don't need.  Enjoy what we have.  Help out others who need so much more. Call your elderly neighbor to see how they are. Check up on your parents, we tend to forget they still need us too. It is the "simple" things that can fill our days with joy and happiness.  So take it easy on yourself and others,  we are all we have. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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